About Nimrokh Media

Nimrokh is an independent media with a different and uncensored approach that analyzes, examines and represents women-related issues in Afghanistan. Nimrokh started operating in Kabul  on  August 28, 2017

Nimrokh has published a total of 152 print issues and 10 special editions from the beginning of its activities until August 15, 2021 (the day of the fall of Kabul to the Taliban).

After the Taliban came to power, the organizational activities of Nimrokh Media ceased. The Nimrokh office in Kabul was closed and its print publications were not published. Nevertheless, Nimrokh Media has hasn’t stopped pursuing its goals and activities and remains committed to reflecting on the concerns, human rights demands, documenting and narrating the problems of women living under the Taliban’s domination and oppression. Despite the limitations, now Nimrokh is more active than before and continues its publications online.

Violence against women, women’s civil-political rights, women’s abilities, women’s achievements, taboos on women’s identity, examining the status and influence of women in the field of peace, politics, economics, culture and art are some of the important topics that Nimrokh Media deals with in the form of special interviews, narratives, articles, news and analytical and research reports.

Also, in the continuation of its activities, Nimrokh Media will specifically reflect the narratives and sufferings of women from life under the Taliban rule and captivity, their resistance and protests, documenting and publishing Taliban crimes against women, violence against women, and so on.

Finally, from Nimrokh Media perspective, the Taliban is a terrorist group, anti-human rights and anti-women, which should not be recognized by the International Community.

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