About Nimrokh Media

Nimrokh is a independent media with a special outlook on women’s issues in Afghanistan and in the world. It is a platform for launching a feminist dialogue and tries to provide the basis for propounding issues and discussions that do not explicitly or implicitly carry the dominant patriarchal view on politics, economy, and social norms.

Nimrokh is a tribune for women’s protest and questioning of the unfair policies, views, and practices, and tries to criticize and question the prevalent structures, laws, and stereotypes in various fields against women. Hence, Nimrokh focuses on women’s agency, gender justice, equality, freedom, criticism of the (re)production structures of violence against women, narration-making, documentation, and sustainable struggle to change the legal and social status of women.

Nimrokh was established in August 2017 in Kabul, Afghanistan, and was published as a weekly newspaper. In 2019, along with the printed version, an online version of Nimrokh was also launched. Since the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, the terrorist group, on August 15, 2021, only its online version has been active. Nimrokh was registered as a non-profit media organization in Canada one year after ceasing its printed publications.

Nimrokh’s opinions are reflected only in the “Editorial” column. The rest of the contents are only their authors’ opinions, and Nimrokh only publishes them to advocate the principle of freedom of speech and thought.